Cherrytree Township
1311 Cherrytree Road
Titusville, PA 16354
Phone: (814) 827-1078
Fax: (814) 827-3579

To obtain a Zoning Permit, contact the township office at (814) 827-1078.
Venango County, Pennsylvania
Ordinance #01-2014
(Stormwater Management Ordinance)
Ordinance #02-2012
(Original Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance #01-2006) With Amendments)
Ordinance #01-2021
(Amends Existing Zoning Ordinance With Solar Regulations)
Ordinance #01-2006
(Original Zoning Ordinance)
Solar Zoning Permit Application
Current Zoning Regulations
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Zoning Map
District Summary
Ordinance #04-2013
(Floodplain Ordinance)